HR Systems

As your company grows it can be a challenge to stay on top of your HR requirements. You’re too busy running your business, looking after your clients and winning new customers to spend much time figuring out the ever-changing world of employment law.

As organisations grow in size, yet don’t have a dedicated HR department, it’s fairly common for them to end up using standard contracts and hastily written employee handbooks.

But this can leave you exposed if you do have any problems with your staff, or if you need to downsize your work force. Getting it wrong can lead to expensive tribunals.

That’s where we can help. With our HR systems in place, you can relax in the knowledge that you’ve protected yourself. There’s a process there for you to follow when things go wrong and it also means your staff can feel secure and valued, knowing there are procedures for them to follow if they need to.

Lots of businesses are working with standard contracts which they’ve downloaded from the internet, or which were written several years ago and don’t take into account current employment legislation. If you’re doing this in your business it could leave you at risk if a disgruntled employee decides to take you to a tribunal.

Putting in place bespoke contracts that are fit for purpose is an investment in your business and your staff. You will sleep better at night, knowing that you’re doing everything you can to protect your business from nasty surprises, and your staff will benefit from a fair contract that they know is in line with current legislation.

Do you have an employee handbook for your staff? Many small or medium-sized businesses have a very basic handbook that doesn’t cover everything it should.

Your employee handbook is an opportunity to set out all your policies and procedures in a positive way and outline both what you expect from staff and what they can expect from you.

A handbook is not just for essentials such as absence and sickness policies. For example, an internet use and abuse policy document will support any potential disciplinary action you have to take at a later date.

The handbook will be a valuable part of your case if you ever need to instigate disciplinary proceedings, let an employee go, or handle a tribunal.

With this in mind, a standard document downloaded from the internet, or written without expert HR input, can leave you vulnerable when things go wrong with a member of staff. Don’t wait for something to happen before you bring your employee handbooks up to date. Our Free HR Audit will tell you whether your handbooks cover everything they need to. Email us now to arrange for us to audit your HR systems.

You probably don’t want to run your business forever, but have you thought about what your business would be worth if you sold it? Or if you wanted to pass it on to a family member, would you be passing on something that could create headaches in the future?

If you can show a potential buyer that your business follows all the relevant good practice, with policies and procedures in place alongside the right employee contracts and handbooks, then your business is much more valuable.

And if you’re passing it on to a close relative, perhaps one or more of your children, you can feel confident you haven’t created any problems that they may end up having to put right, potentially at great expense.

By getting everything right, you’re investing in your retirement. Please don’t put it off until the last minute and get caught out with a tribunal that costs your business thousands of pounds, leaving you without the valuable nest egg you need to enjoy your hard-earned retirement.

Onsite Support

When you’re taking on new staff, or perhaps downsizing and making redundancies, it can be helpful to have someone on site who knows the processes you need to follow inside out. Likewise, if you need to discipline a member of staff, or hold a disciplinary hearing, it’s a sensible step to engage an HR consultant who can manage the process for you.

This is where our onsite support can help. We can provide a monthly presence on site to deal with any current issues or processes you’re going through. Alternatively you can bring us in to deal with a particular project from start to finish, whether that’s recruitment, redundancies or disciplinaries.

Our onsite support takes the stress out of these events and frees up more of your time so that you can focus on running your business.

When you’re setting out to recruit a new member of staff, it can be tempting to manage the process yourself, or perhaps use one of your administrators. But if you’ve ever taken on the wrong person and lived to regret it, you’ll know that recruitment isn’t as simple as it looks.

Recruitment is a specialist field and engaging an HR professional to manage the process can save you a lot of wasted time and money. You’ll be less likely to offer the job to someone who isn’t right for your business, saving you from further stress as you worry about how to let them go. Using an HR professional also means the new staff member will come on board with the right contract and the right probation period in place.

We can help you with managing the entire recruitment process including:

  • Writing a Job Description with an accurate Person Specification
  • Researching salary levels, packages and market rates
  • Attracting the right candidate through your advert
  • The interview process
  • Selecting the right candidate
  •  The offer letter, employment Contract and Employee Handbooks

Your employees are one of the most important assets in your business and recruiting the right person is critical. Don’t leave it to chance! Email us now to find out how we can help.

In the current climate, lots of businesses are going through the stress of making redundancies. Unfortunately, some business owners are getting it wrong and leaving themselves exposed to expensive tribunals, and some have been put out of business by a single massive award.

Getting redundancies right is complicated. That’s why it’s so important to take the right advice before you even start the redundancy process. We can train you on how to handle your redundancies, or we can manage the process at each stage, from selecting who to make redundant to consulting with staff and ensuring all legal requirements are met.

If you’re considering making people redundant in your business, talk to us before you talk to your staff. Call Su on 07977 497107 to see how we can help you.

Do you have concerns about any of your staff? Many business owners struggle with staff who are late, regularly absent, or who demonstrate poor behaviour or a low standard of work. Managing these staff can be time consuming – costing you money and taking you away from working on other areas of your business. Leaving a problem to fester isn’t the answer and if resolving issues informally isn’t working, then you may need to start disciplinary proceedings.

Many business owners find disciplinaries a daunting prospect, but with an HR professional behind you, the process is fairly simple and straightforward to manage. As well as using our many years of experience to advise you, we can guide you through the procedures laid out by Acas to ensure you’re able to discipline your staff without putting yourself at risk of tribunal. As well as avoiding expensive payouts, getting help with disciplinaries means you can finally tackle your problem staff and help them to improve. If they cannot improve their performance, you’re left with a paper trail that can make it much easier to let them go.

Don’t push your problem staff to the back of your mind – remember they’re costing you time and money. Call Su on 07977 497107 to find out how we can help you.

Retainer Service

Our retainer service means you have an HR consultant on call whenever you need one. There’s no limit to how often you contact us and, unlike with other HR services, you’re not tied in to a lengthy contract – should you wish to leave you simply need to give us one month’s notice.

When you’re running a business, problems don’t only occur 9 to 5, which is why we offer support outside of normal office hours. If an unexpected staff issue occurs you can get the advice you need, when you need it.

This level of support means that in an emergency you can call us during evenings and weekends to give you the legal advice you need to resolve a problem. We can talk you through a situation or help you to make an informed decision. This gives you an extra level of service and reduces your stress levels, as you know that help is available when you need it.

Employment law is constantly changing, as new legislation is passed and new cases set precedents and result in changes to the way the legal framework is interpreted.

As a business owner you almost certainly don’t have time to keep up with these changes, which is why we offer our retained clients annual updates to their documents. This means that you can be confident that your documents are all in line with current legislation.

Included in our retainer service, is a two yearly document replacement scheme. This means that every two years we will look at all of your documents and replace any that are out of date or no longer fit for purpose.

As your business grows or the structure of your organisation changes, or you take on different types of staff, you may need new documents to ensure that you continue to be protected from tribunals and meet current legislation.


We can provide you and your staff with a wide range of training, from specific courses that we run regularly, to fully bespoke training that’s tailored to your specific needs. With twenty years of experience in HR and training, you can be confident that we’ll deliver engaging training that will give your staff the knowledge to handle their roles with confidence, putting your organisation in a much stronger position.

Bespoke Training

What training do you need? We specialise in training MDs, directors and supervisors to work within current employment legislation. When a problem arises with a member of staff, many managers find it difficult to know how to handle it as saying the wrong thing can cause issues, or even lead to a tribunal.

We can give your management team the resources to handle tricky situations with confidence. Investing in your staff in this way will save you time and money, as employee issues are dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Some of our most popular courses are:

  • Employment Law Update
  • How to Conduct a Disciplinary Hearing
  • How to Conduct an Investigation

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to training so, if you’re looking for something different, we can tailor a course to suit your managers.

We provide one to one coaching as well as training for a group of supervisors or leadership team. In fact, our training is suitable for anyone who has to deal with employee issues. The training can be delivered either at your premises or off site, depending on your requirements.

Our clients have found that keeping their management team’s skills and knowledge up to date leads to a much better working environment for the whole organisation. Investing in your staff in this way makes them feel more valued and can boost staff loyalty and motivation. It also means that you’re able to rest easy at night, knowing that your business is compliant with current legislation.